Moscow in the films

Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.8km / 1 hr

Moscow in the films - Cya On The Road

Good time of the day, dear listeners!We are delighted that you have decided to get to know Moscow even better, to walk along city streets, enjoy the most beautiful landscape and the city architecture. That’s why you have chosen our application.This proposed audio tour focuses on the sites of the city where Russian national films were shot. We hope you are having all necessary things for this tour: you have charged your mobile, put on comfortable shoes and the weather allows spending time with pleasure. If following the route you decide to stop for some reason, you can press pause in the audio guide application and continue when you are ready.We start.

by ГБОУ Инженерно-техническая школа
Предлагаемая аудиоэкскурсия посвящена объектам города, где снимали знаменитые отечественные фильмы

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