Stavropol city tour

Stavropol', North Caucasian Federal District, Russia
Est. 3.9km / 1 hr 30 mins

Stavropol city tour - Cya On The Road

Dear listeners, we invite you to take an exciting walk around the center of our sunny city. Stavropol is a cultural, business and industrial center of Stavropol Kray, one of the largest cities of the North Caucasus. Its population is about 500 thousand people and about 70 thousand of them are students. Stavropol is a student city. There are 20 higher education institutions here.Stavropol was recognized as the most comfortable city in Russia for three times.Stavropol’s area is twice as large as Paris and the whole territory of our Province is bigger than such countries as Netherlands and Switzerland. Our region is multinational. About 50 nationalities live hereThe city has an interesting geographical position. The distance between Stavropol and the North Pole is equal to the distance between our city and the equator. That is why the climate here is mild and warm. One of the streets is called the 45th parallel, indicating its exact latitudinal position.Voice: Valeria MiroshnichenkoProject team "Vkluchaisya" 2020

by Проектная группа "Включайся"
Проектная группа "Включайся"

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