Irkutsk Itinerary: Pages of the Great Victory

Irkutsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 11.3km / 3 hrs 28 mins / Map

Irkutsk Itinerary: Pages of the Great Victory - Cya On The Road

During the celebration of the 75th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war, we have prepared an audio guide to the places of military glory of our city. Each monument, square and building that was included in this guide, has a personal history that is intertwined with millions of the same histories around the country. Our guide does not have any specific destination, its points are situated in different parts of the city. Our tour includes the buildings that were hospitals during the war time, those where cartridges and spare parts for “Katyushas” were made. Near the monuments dedicated to Afanasiy Beloborodov and Nikolai Chelnokov, twice heroes of the Soviet Union, you will hear the story about true heroism and courage of the Commanders. In Sverdlovsky suburb you will see the house of the writer and poet Ivan Ivanovich Molchanov-Sibirsky and the lyceum where Leonid Gaidai, a famous director, studied. Both of our famous countrymen were war veterans. There places of special significance for us, one of them is the tank T-34 called Irkutsk Komsomolets located on Sovetskaya street. One of such places is also a memorial square dedicated to the workers of Irkutsk heavy engineering plant and a memorial to the citizens killed during the Second World War. This is an eternal fire as we call it in the city. During the Victory day celebrations people bring flowers to the memorial in remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives for the peaceful sky above our heads.

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