Priozerskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 11.3km / 3 hrs 46 mins / Map


Traveling along this rout, you will get an extraordinary pleasure from walking along the smooth ascents and descents of the light pine forest. The route largely coincides with the ecological trail of the Vyaryamyanselkya Ridge – a specially protected natural territory of the Leningrad region. At the beginning of the trail and its length by the Directorate of specially protected natural areas of the Leningrad region there are panels and navigation signs, which contains a link to an online resource the Directorate with a story of why the area is designated as protected. During our route, you can learn about how the landscape of the Karelian isthmus was formed, or rather the largest ridge in the North-West of Russia, learn about who the metelilainen are, cross the border river of the two States and see the first commercial hydroelectric power station in Finland, which supplied electricity to Petyaarvi, Kiviniemi (Losevo) and a sufficient number of nearby villages and farms.The route is circular, starting and ending at the Petyayarvi railway station.Cyclists will have to spend about 3 hours on the entire route.If you want to hike, you can begin your tour right from the train station, Petajarvi. The walking route takes about 4 hours. The route length is 10 kilometers.The movement of the car on the protected area Ridge Vyaryamyanselkya prohibited. It is important to remember that you need to take care of nature, because it depends on our actions its safety and versatility.There are 5 stops on the route

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