Vuoksa valley

Priozerskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 95.0km / 12 hrs / Map

Vuoksa valley - Cya On The Road

Following this tourist route, you will travel up the Vuoksa river and visit many interesting cultural and historical sites. Some of them have been preserved, and some, unfortunately, have been lost. However, after driving the entire route, you will be able to get an idea of the life of people on these lands, their activities and interests.This route is not recommended for passenger cars. During heavy rains, roads become impassable in places. It is passable in the dry season, but be prepared for deep holes, it is better to take an SUV. The ideal transport is a Bicycle. In this regard, the route is optimal for the spring and summer season.The route is 99 km long. It starts in the village of Losevo, near the Vuoksa rapids and ends in Kamennogorsk, where you can take a bus or train to Vyborg, as well as have a snack. If you want, you can stay in a hotel. The estimated travel time by car is 1 day, it is better to leave early in the morning, as the length of the route is significant. Also, do not forget about the state of the roads on the route.For experienced cyclists, the route will also take 1 full day. If you want to take a leisurely ride along the route, we recommend spending 2 days with one night.

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