Walk along Gorky street part 1

Yekaterinburg, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 835m / 17 mins

Walk along Gorky street part 1 - Cya On The Road

Gorky Street is located in the city center, it runs along the city pond on the left bank of the Iset River. The length of the street is about two kilometers. It starts practically from the cinema-concert theater "Kosmos" and ends in front of Kuibyshev Street.The street is named after Maxim Gorky, a famous Soviet writer. Before the revolution, Gorky wrote works imbued with dislike for the Tsarist regime.And in December 1905, during the first Russian revolution, Gorky actively helped the rebellious workers, collected money for weapons; in his apartment he kept hand grenades, revolvers, made bombs. On a small Italian island of Capri, where Gorky left in 1906, his friendship with Lenin began.After the victory of the revolution in 1917, many streets were renamed after the Bolshevik leaders. Many Russian cities have streets named after Gorky. There is also a street in Ekaterinburg.In this part of the tour we will reach Lenin Avenue. After crossing the underground passage the excursion along Gorky Street will continue.In modern Gorky Street some ancient streets of Yekaterinburg merged. When the city was founded, the streets were clearly located from north to south. This was due to the fact that in this place, the Iset River flows like this. In the late 19th - early 20th century, the streets were created on the principle of "As is".Along the Iset emerged Tarasovskaya embankment, streets Mechanicheskaya and Second Beregovaya.With the development of the city there were changes. In 1919 Tarasovskaya embankment was renamed into Labor Quay, and the second Beregovaya - in the street Worker Zagvozdkin - in honor of a revolutionary who worked at the city power plant.In 1936, they were merged into one street - Gorky Street.

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