Road trip to Plodovoye

Priozerskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 7.7km / 1 hr 20 mins / Map

Road trip to Plodovoye - Cya On The Road

Plodovoye is a village located on the north-western shore of Lake Otradnoye in the Priozersky District of the Leningrad Region. It was formed in 1949 by merging several neighbouring villages and now is considered a large settlement with population numbering more than 1500 people. Over a one-day trip to Plodovoye you will discover long and wealthy history of the village and neighboutring area from prehistoric times to the times of Old Finland and modern days. Visit to Otradnoye stientific and experimental station of the Komarov Botanical Institute, located in Plodovoye, will intorduce a lot of interesting information about plants protected and studied there.

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