Krasnoufimsk - city museum: living history

Krasnoufimsk, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.9km / 38 mins

Krasnoufimsk - city museum: living history - Cya On The Road

Good afternoon!Our excursion will take place along the oldest streets of Krasnoufimsk - Kuibyshev and Sovetskaya Streets.These streets are a concentrate of business life of the city from its foundation until the revolution of 1917.Join our short journey and you will understand the essence of the city, its original purpose.As you walk along the route, you will get to know the history, hear interesting stories about its development, and even touch the stones that remember the ancient sharks that lived here more than 250 million years ago.Kuibyshev Street, where our route begins, was previously called Postal Street. Of course, this street name was primarily due to its direct purpose. Krasnoufimsk lay on the postal routes from Ufa to Ekaterinburg. There is a version that originally the city rulers gave it this name, because the street was supposed to make a postal station.But the archive documents do not mention it. And there is no building in which the mail could once be placed also. Apparently, the postal destination of the street remained unclaimed. And this place in the city was liked by merchants and began to be built up with stone mansions.At the Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor building, we turn to Sovetskaya Street, which used to be called Sobolevskaya Street. The history of these streets is as follows.When Krasnoufimsk became a county town, it quickly became a trade and fair center. Gradually, the number of fairs held in the city has increased. At the end of the XIX century, the city had 4 major fairs, along with Nikolsky fairs appeared Alexeyevskaya and Grigorievskaya. All of them were located on the trade square, near the embankment of the Ufa River. Krasnoufimsk county was considered the breadbasket of the Perm province. Excess bread, along with factory goods, cast iron, iron, wood were transported by road, rafted on the river Ufa in the center of Russia by local merchants. Of the seven marinas located on the Ufa River, the first place belonged to Krasnoufimskaya. The barks for rafting were built here, on the Krasnoufimskaya Wharf.From the church fence of the Holy Trinity Cathedral to the river, there used to be Gostinaya Square. In the center of the square - the Big Living Room, which belonged to the city society, built in the 80s. Inside the room was divided into trade rows, which were rented out.So, let's get acquainted with the streets and history of the city!

by Голос Путешествий (с) 2019-2023 гг.
«Не думай о том, что будешь рассказывать, когда вернешься. Время – это здесь и сейчас. Лови момент.» (Пауло Коэльо. «Алеф»)

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