The past in the present

Kyshtym, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 8.0km / 2 hrs 33 mins

The past in the present - Cya On The Road

Route "Past in the present" is the main excursion route of Kyshtym.Kyshtym is the "Ural Venice" thanks to more than thirty lakes on its territory, and "Ural Switzerland" - in fact here originates the Ural Ridge, and at the foot of the mountain Sugomak is the only marble cave in the South Urals.It is the city of twenty bridges, and the first hydraulic system in the country.This is the city of four Orthodox churches, forming a symbolic "cross".This is the city of two ancient factories.A place in the valley of the Ural Mountains, where in the 19th century, one of the first working uprisings of Russia, where in the 20th century, the 31st U.S. President Herbert Hoover worked, where the majestic architecture of the past neighbors the exciting color of South Ural nature.Welcome to Kyshtym!

by Голос Путешествий (с) 2019-2023 гг.
«Не думай о том, что будешь рассказывать, когда вернешься. Время – это здесь и сейчас. Лови момент.» (Пауло Коэльо. «Алеф»)

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