Russia is looking at the Caucasus with Stavropol eyes

Stavropol', North Caucasian Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.1km / 50 mins / Map

Russia is looking at the Caucasus with Stavropol eyes - Cya On The Road

Our tour is going to take place in the historical center of Stavropol and we will tell you about the key moments of our town life. Our short trip is aimed to present Stavropol in the context of Russian history, to highlight its significance and connection to all-Russian and world events and processes.You will find out the place where the first theater, public library and men's classical gymnasium appeared in the Caucasus. You will know the answer to the question: why is Stavropol the elephants’ birthplace? You will see several remarkable modernist buildings, some of which are quite competitive with the world's architectural examples of this style. We will tell you about the people of the past and present who protected their historical heritage. Top officials of our country and famous cultural figures passed through Stavropol. We housed historians, writers, and poet. Some world celebrities gave concerts, and a number of great people started their careers in Stavropol. You will see a memorial erected in honor of our ancestors’ heroic achievements during the Great Patriotic War.Stavropol is an integral part of Russian and world history. You will definitely know more about our small homeland after the tour.

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