Stavropol - a city in the forest

Stavropol', North Caucasian Federal District, Russia
Est. 11.3km / 3 hrs

Stavropol - a city in the forest - Cya On The Road

Hello, dear citizens and guests of Stavropol!We invite you to walk around natural attractions of the city with our audio-guide.Stavropol is the largest city of the North-Caucasus Federal District and it is the administrative center of the Krai. Stavropol was awarded the most landscaped city of Russia. In 2012 Stavropol took the 12th place among Top best cities of Russia.The total area of Stavropol is twice as big as Paris, and the area of Stavropol Krai is bigger than some countries (for example, the Netherlands or Switzerland). It is interesting that the city is equidistant from the North pole and the Equator. That is why the climate here is mild and warm. One of the city’s streets is called “45th Parallel” which is its precise latitudinal location. Stavropol is one of the greenest cities of Russia. There are 180 square meters of green areas per citizen with the norm of 15 sq. meters.In terms of natural location, the territory is situated in steppe zone but due to the fact that the city is located on the Stavropol heights, its landscape is represented by forest-steppes. The city is surrounded by natural forests which are well-preserved. The forestlands seem interwoven into the city’s structure. These green areas are represented by natural forests and green squares and parks which were created by the citizens with love.We hope that after your walk around our city you will want to come back again. Enjoy your listening!

by Комитет экономического развития администрации города Ставрополя
Комитет занимается повышением туристической привлекательности города Ставрополя, развитием внутреннего и въездного туризма в городе

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