Perm, Volga Federal District, Russia
Est. 9.0km / 15 mins / Map


Ordzhonikidzevsky district includes 24 microdistricts and stretches along the Kama River, located on the banks of the Kama reservoir. Ordzhonikidzevsky district was created on March 16, 1940 and named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze, a revolutionary and political figure of the SOVIET UNION.There are 16 businesses in the district. Despite this, the ecological situation in the area is favorable. This area can almost be considered a forest area of the city, it is surrounded and intersected by woodlands, where you can go for mushrooms and berries. Ordzhonikidzevsky district is a decent place to live, it is quiet, cozy and everything is within walking distance.Getting to know the area with the help of the audio guide "ORDJI BUS STORY" is of great importance for cognitive and moral development, helps tourists and visitors to better navigate the new area, and the residents of the area to form a sense of admiration, pride and love for their native area.

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