The Russian-Orthodox core Cheboksary

Cheboksary, Volga Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.9km / 1 hr 59 mins / Map

The Russian-Orthodox core Cheboksary - Cya On The Road

We prepared this excursion route together, according to the regional project of the Russian geographical society "Open Chuvashia". The author of the project and the excursion route is candidate of geographical Sciences, associate Professor Zoya Alekseyevna Trifonova. On the route, 36 objects of the excursion display are highlighted and described. Each object has a description and is voiced by students of the direction of training "Tourism" of the Chuvash state University.There are different views on the question of the date of the city's origin. It is absolutely certain that the settlement existed in the XII century. This is indicated by archelogical finds. The date of the first mention of the city in Russian Chronicles is 1469, it was suggested by Professor Vasily Dmitrievich Dimitriev. However, the Russian fortified settlement appeared here only in 1555 - the date of the Foundation of the Cheboksary Kremlin. From this time, the settlement and development of the city by Russians began. The Kremlin and Posad occupied a small territory, which we figuratively called "the Russian Orthodox core of Cheboksary". For 5 centuries, much has been built and destroyed. Most of the old buildings have been preserved along the streets of K. Ivanov, M. Sespel And on The historical embankment. We offer you a walking tour of the Russian Orthodox core of Cheboksary.

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