Wooden architecture of Barnaul

Barnaul, Siberian Federal District, Russia
Est. 3.0km / 1 hr 30 mins

Wooden architecture of Barnaul - Cya On The Road

We, students of gymnasium No. 22 with advanced English language training, have developed a tourist route for you through old Barnaul, which will introduce you to the wooden architecture of the city in Russian and English. You will walk through the streets of the old center with preserved monuments of the famous Siberian wooden architecture and merchant mansions.When in the second half of the XIX century the city – forming enterprise-the Barnaul Silver Smelter - fell into decline, trade and manufacturing began to develop rapidly in the city. The rich merchants built up the historical center with solid, beautifully decorated brick and wooden mansions.Unfortunately, many wooden buildings were lost at the beginning of the XX century, during the great fire of 1917, which destroyed almost 60 blocks in the central part of the city. But the fire still did not break through beyond Soborny (Socialist) Avenue. Thanks to this circumstance, a unique corner of the old wooden Barnaul has been preserved here.

by МБОУ "Гимназия №22"
Гимназия №22 является одной из старейших школ города Барнаула, неоднократным победителем конкурсов различных уровней.

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