Pushkino Village

Kalininskiy rayon, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.7km / 1 hr

Pushkino Village - Cya On The Road

Hello, friends, we live in the village of Pushkino, a unique place in the Tver region, and you will soon find out why. Our village was founded in 1721, so it turns 300 years old this year. There are about 400 people living in the village. We have a clubhouse, school, kindergarten, church, pond, lake, and many other interesting places. The village used to be called Beli-Archhereyskie. And since 1921 - Pushkino. Although Pushkin has nothing to do with it. Well, except that not far from the village is the French hill, where many Frenchmen from Napoleon's army are buried. The village stretches along the road. If you go one way, there's Tver, and if you go the other, there's Volokolamsk. The road is good, because a resident of the village can get to the city without any problems. The road is bad, because trucks, big and noisy, drive along it day and night.The village makes psaltery and wheeled lyres, and the number of museums is one and a half times the number of stores. To be precise, there are three museums in the village and two stores.

by Pushkino village
Art-project with the village of Pushkino

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