One Karelia | The great path of the ancient Karelians

Priozerskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia; Tohmajärvi, IS, Finland; Rääkkylä, IS, Finland; Liperi, IS, Finland; Kemskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia; Pryazhinskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 2,813.4km / 4 days

One Karelia | The great path of the ancient Karelians - Cya On The Road

Hello, dear friends!We invite you to the journey around Karelian land.The great road of ancient Karelians is a cultural and historical tourist route passing through the places of the ancient trade route from Korela to the White Sea. The route was used by Karelian trader Nousia in the Middle Ages. It was known among Karelians since ancient times.The Karelian civilization should be tracked since ancient route “Varangians to the Greeks” passed through its territory. The development of the trade was the driver for the cities located on the great trade waterpaths to get stronger and so the Russian state grew.So where did the Korelian land came from and who are these ancient Korels?The whole medieval history is connected with Lake Ladoga. Here in the northwestern part of Ladoga area the ancient tribe Korela used to live. That is why Karelian Isthmus is called Karelian.In those days Karelians were rather independent. They used to move along their waterways reaching the Gulf of Bothnia and the White Sea. Karelians settled in the territories they reached.The great road of ancient Karelians is a story which tells how the trade routes influenced the settling of Karelians from the south to the north, about relationship between Novgorodians and Karelians, about the reign of Ivan III and Ivan the Terrible, about Orthodox spirituality in the North of Russia. And, of course, the route will show how people live today in these legendary lands of Karelia.This route is a transformer. The stories automatically turn on in certain places. It does not depend on numbering. You can start in any part of the route and finish when you want.The audio guide is under development at the moment.

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