Veliky Novgorod, the City of Hansa

Velikiy Novgorod, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.2km / 30 mins / Map

Veliky Novgorod, the City of Hansa - Cya On The Road

The oldest city in Russia, the cradle of Russian democracy, the medieval centre of trade and crafts, the leading partner of the Hanseatic League, the link between medieval Europe and Russia, and the borderline between two civilizations, it is all about Veliky Novgorod.Nowadays Veliky Novgorod is still an active participant of the New Time Hanseatic League. In 1993 Novgorod became the first Russian city to enter the Hanseatic League of the New Time. Our city had the honor to become the first Russian city to host the International Hanseatic Days 2009. In 2010 the constituent documents on the creation of the Russian Hanseatic cities Union were signed in Veliky Novgorod and our city was awarded the title of Capital of the Russian Hansa. And there is no better place to generate a new tourist audio guide 'Veliky Novgorod the City of Hansa' than Veliky Novgorod. Take a unique audio walk around Yaroslav’s Courtyard, the place where the medieval trade between Russia and Hansa used to boom. At that time, marketplace started at the Great Bridge, and along the banks there were long ranges of wharves, where ships with foreign goods landed. The market stalls were united into rows, and there were 42 rows in the 16th century... To discover Hanseatic Novgorod and hear its amazing stories, follow the new audio guide straight to the great past.The key features of the audio guide are the voices that instantly bring a great story to life. The best actors of the Novgorod Theater for Children and Youth Maly will narrate - so bright and so fascinating - the vivid Hanseatic history of Veliky Novgorod, lasting over eight centuries.

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