Adventure in Maly Turysh

Krasnoufimskiy rayon, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 2.1km / 1 hr / Map

Adventure in Maly Turysh - Cya On The Road

Hello! Today we will visit Maly Turysh - little Tatar village in Sverdlovsk region.My name is My name is Guzel Sanzhapova and I will accompany you around the village. Perhaps many of you know about this place because you have seen the story, my interview, or even participated in our crowdfunding project. Once I wanted to help my dad with the apiary, but today I am engaged in the development of Maly Turysh village. We employ people in our small production, and also take care of the infrastructure of the village: we want it to be comfortable for life. Along the way, I will tell you our philosophy: because people often do not understand why it is not enough just to earn money, and why the village and its population should be developed.

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