Na zimnem berege, y morya belogo

Primorskiy rayon, Northwestern Federal District, Russia
Est. 19.9km / 6 hrs 2 mins

Na zimnem berege, y morya belogo - Cya On The Road

The audioguide about villages Verhnyaya Zolotitsa and Nizhnyaya Zolotitsa of Primorskiy district of Arkhangelsk region was made by a reporter Alina Kargopolova from TV studio «In Touch - Junior» of TV channel «Region 29» as a part of the project «The House Will Be». It describes the nature, everyday life, architecture of the homeland of storytellers Kriukovs, who preserved epic as a heritage of Russia. Here you can find the description of preserved houses, the house of Marfa Kriukova, that was built in 1938, distinctive architecture of houses and outbuildings, main infrastructural facilities of villages.Not every traveler will go to such places without any thought. This audioguide will help to understand the cultural heritage of Zolotitsa and will surely become a serious reason for visiting these places.

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