University Quarter of Tyumen

Tyumen, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 5.1km / 2 hrs / Map

University Quarter of Tyumen - Cya On The Road

Hello! Welcome to a walk through the University Quarter of Tyumen. Today we will go through the historical part of the city and find out why it is called the “University” one. On the way, we will see places dear to the hearts of many Tyumen citizens, including various institutes and universities. We will also visit parks and squares where you can have the opportunity to relax.Our way through the University Quarter starts from the Institute of State and Law, located at the intersection of Lenin and Chelyuskintsev Streets. See you there! UTMN Fund Collections and Socio-Cultural Projects DepartmentRussian text and voice: Stanislav GurovEnglish text: Shakhlo MahmudovaEnglish voice: Maksim Ignashev, Aisulu Surkasheva, Alyona Moskaleva Photo: Shakhlo Mahmudova

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