Audio tour «Bagulovaya line»

Chita, Far Eastern Federal District, Russia
Est. 3.1km / 1 hr 2 mins

Audio tour  «Bagulovaya line» - Cya On The Road

Hello dear friend! Today you have to make a very exciting journey into the past of the capital of Transbaikal region! The history of  Russia is reflected in the history of Chita! We called this route “Bagulovaya Line” because every spring, purple and pink flowers of daurian rhododendron, colloquially called “bagulnik” covering the surrounding hills around the city. We hope that our "bagul" route will make you surprised, admire and take a fresh look at Chita. So…

by Забайкальский центр развития музейного дела
Некоммерческое учреждение, занимающееся развитием забайкальских музеев.

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