Tyumen Tekutevskaya

Tyumen, Ural Federal District, Russia
Est. 10.7km / 3 hrs 35 mins / Map

Tyumen Tekutevskaya - Cya On The Road

Тhe Tyumen Tekutevskaya excursion is addressed to everyone who is interested in the history of the city of Tyumen, it introduces the activities of the Tyumen merchant of the 1st guild and the mayor A.I.Tekutyev, who is an example of one of the most active leaders of the city.The tour consists of 28 objects. The route begins at the Library of the History of the city named after A.I. Tekutyev in the district of Zarechye, where Andrei Ivanovich's his activities began and passes through the most significant places associated with his activities. The final point of the route is Tekutyevsky Boulevard, where a monument to A.I. Tekutyev was erected in 2008.The authors of the virtual tour project are the staff of the Andrey V. Tekutyev Library of City History. Photograph cropping, photography as well as translation into English were realized jointly by the students of the Department of Service, Tourism and Hosting, and of the Department of English Philology and Translation at the State University of Tyumen.Audio recording was made with support from the Centre for Culture and Creativity called Tjumen at the Vodnik House of Culture.The text was translated from Russian into English by Anna Filipenko

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