Судиславль древний

Sudislavskiy rayon, Central Federal District, Russia
Est. 1.8km / 35 mins / Map

Судиславль древний - Cya On The Road

We offer you a guide for a walking tour of Sudislavl.   It is a small provincial town 50 km far to the North- East of Kostroma. The town is situated on seven hills on the river Korba. The population of Sudislavl is about 5000 people. It’s the administrative and economical centre of Sudislavl District.  Sudislavl is an ancient town. It has a long and rich history. It was first mentioned in the chronicles of the 13th century. According to legend, Sudislavl was named after a son of Prince Vladimir The Red Son.  The place for the town is wonderful and picturesque. Everybody enjoys the view of the hills, small rivers, green parks, white churches and cozy squares. While walking along the quiet streets there are a lot of old buildings from the 19th century. Most of them belonged to a famous merchant named Ivan Tretyakov. He was very rich but generous and presented a lot of buildings to the town. The most famous of them are the Town hospital with the lions on the front porch, the local museum and Music school. They will definitely be included in the program of our tour.   And so, we begin.

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