Historical monuments of Angarsk

Angarsk, Siberian Federal District, Russia
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Historical monuments of Angarsk - Cya On The Road

Angarsk is a city in Eastern Siberia, located in the southern part of the Irkutsk region. Angarsk is often called the city of petrochemicals, and this is absolutely true, because there are a large number of factories related to this area.The history of Angarsk began in the 1930s, when the USSR government decided to build a factory for the production of synthetic fluid petrol.On April 19, 1945, the first brigade of workers, formerly participants in the war, arrived under the leadership of Nikolai Pavlovich Loginov. The first village for workers, which was built on the place of the present city, was called Maysk. At first, it was decided to build an urban-type village for 30 thousand residents.The first street of the future Angarsk was named Oktyabrskaya. It was in October that the building and development of the residential area began: two-floor houses replaced the dugouts, along with which shops, schools and roads were built. The builders tried to save the natural forest to the maximum, so now our city, unlike many other Siberian cities, is differed by a large number of parks, squares and alleys.With the development of industry and infrastructure, the Angarsk work village was gradually transformed into the city of Angarsk on May 30, 1951.There are really many nice places in Angarsk: museums, steles, cultural monuments, squares, parks and so on. The main monuments of the city are: Angarsk Gates, Lenin Square, Petrochemicals Park, Clock Museum, Builders Park.

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