Jewish heritage in Racha

Oni, Georgia
Est. 16.4km / 3 mins

Jewish heritage in Racha - Cya On The Road

Jewish material in Georgia is spread around different areas, such as: Oni, Gori, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, M'tskheta, etc. There are many documents that can be looked into and researched, but this project will be focusing on the Racha region, specifically: Lailashi village, Oni, and Utsera village. The locations that hold historical Jewish records are: Oni Museum, Oni Synagogue, Lailashi Synagogue and the house of Georgian Schindler, Sergey Metreveli, with a Nobel status of “Righteous Among the Nations”. Due to the fact that Jewish cultural heritage in Racha is ancient, important and vast, we want to create a virtual route which will connect these three locations to each other. The tour will make it easier to imagine the whole region with its sites and merit. The project’s main goal is to connect world Jewry to Jewish Heritage, they may not be aware of, existing in Georgia. Virtual tour created by us will help in this regard. Moreover, the virtual tour will be more effective during the pandemic period. People can travel virtually and see the oldest cultural heritage of Jews.

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