Makhanda, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Est. 853m / 17 mins / Map

Diverse-City - Cya On The Road

Looking at how diverse our country South Africa is, looking at how diverseMakhanda is, we see this diversity not only in the cultures existing in one place but placeslike our chosen block of land act as a symbol for the country we live in today. Differentplaces in our country have a history dating back to the days of colonialism. The same appliesfor some of the places we’ve chosen to document, which today are, however, used fordifferent purposes than they were back in the ancient times. Like these other places, the areabears the scars that were left behind by colonialism. This tour aims to take us on a journeythat explores this diversity. Entering places like the Cockhouse and Cathcart Arms which aresimilar in that they share a rich history but different in the people that occupy these spaces.

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