Bésos i el Maresme- Perspectives route

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 1.9km / 40 mins / Map

Bésos i el Maresme- Perspectives route - Cya On The Road

History of Besòs i el MaresmeThe neighborhood is the result of the urgent and massive construction of houses to respond to the great deficit that existed in the fifties and sixties.The urbanism of this area reflects the last half century of urban, social and political transformation. The neighborhood extends along the Rambla de Prim.Today, the Besòs i el Maresme neighborhood awaits new transformations, in the coming years this area will be the scenario of new residential and equipment installations, among which the location of a the campus of the Polytechnic University, which is already planned, and will bring an important daily vitality. Each site chosen for this route is suitable for photos with a wide perspective. 

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