Rojales. Living History.

Rojales, VC, Spain
Est. 14.9km / 20 mins

Rojales. Living History. - Cya On The Road

Welcome ladies and gentlemenOver the centuries, the Segura River had a great influence on the development of settling peoples and cultures in Rojales. As the first human traces from the end of the Neolithic period and other remains of Iberian, Roman and Arab settlements have shown, the fertile land irrigated by its waters guaranteed their existence since the fourth millennium B.C. In fact, Rojales was founded from its Medieval Monumental Urban Hydraulic Complex, represented by The Dam, the Mouth of Irrigation Channel, and the Waterwheel, which irrigates its farming land to the left and to the right banks.Part of our history is exhibited at the Archaeological and Palaeontological Museum, located at the former town hall. In this museum you can see the paleontographical evolution of the region, together with the cultural evolution of human settlements around the Rojales area.An area surrounded by the farming land with a complex irrigation system built by the Arabs. The Agricultural Museum displays our agricultural tradition, where you can see the various farming activities and crafts.In addition, Rojales has an underground architectural complex on the southern side of the town. The Ecomuseum or Rodeo Caves is a group of 15 caves where the craftsmen are allocated, who carry out cultural and artistic activities, together with the Handicraft Zoco, creating a unique environment.Rojales is a diverse town within the traditional Mediterranean culture, and a new economic and social development created by the building and service sectors. The combination of all this results in an excellent environment. It really is worth a walk along its streets, squares, museums and landscapes.

by HARA Gestión Cultural
Empresa dedicada a la gestión de espacios y eventos relacionados con la cultura, que busca poner en valor el Patrimonio.

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