The Faces of Sarrià: a walk through time

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 2.5km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

The Faces of Sarrià: a walk through time - Cya On The Road

Without its community Sarrià would not be the district it is today. So why not let five of its inhabitants guide you through the neighbourhood's rich historic tapestry?With a helping hand from Rosa, Laura, Dolores, Anna and María, you'll gain first-hand experience of the places -and faces- that shaped Sarrià into a truly exceptional region of Barcelona.The tour starts at the Portal Miralles, the literal and metaphorical gateway between the city of Barcelona and a district that held onto its independence up until 1921. From there, you will journey up into the historic centre, where you will be presented with the opportunity to sample a few of the local culinary delights.So what are you waiting for? The time machines ready and waiting to go, and there's no time like the present (apart from the past)!How to get there:To arrive at the first stop on the tour, we recommend taking the L3 metro line to Maria Cristina and then, upon exiting, heading north on Carrer de Capità Arenas and then turning left onto Passeig de Manuel Girona.

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