Granollers, bombed city

Granollers, CT, Spain
Est. 958m / 19 mins

Granollers, bombed city - Cya On The Road

The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 radically changed the life of Granollers. The revolutionary changes, the mobilisations, the collectivisations, the arrival of refugees, the need for new houses, the damage done to property and, especially, the human cost of the war were to mark the most important features of that period. New war techniques and tactics were applied, especially the bombing of the civil population in the unprotected rearguard areas of the Republican zone. Numerous populations within the whole State fell prey to aerial bombings, which were especially intense on the Mediterranean coast. Madrid, València, Alacant, Sagunt, Castelló de la Plana and Maó were among the cities bombed. In addition to Granollers, bombs were also dropped on other towns in Catalonia, such as Barcelona, Badalona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona, Tortosa, Amposta, Portbou, Figueres, Reus and La Garriga, among others.Granollers suffered various attacks from the Fascist Italian aviation, which was giving support to Franco’s troops. The bombings took place on 31st May 1938 and on 24th, 25th and 26th January 1939, just before the Francoist troops entered the city on the 28th of that very same month. Some 224 persons died in the first bombing and some 40 perished in the second one.The purpose of this itinerary is to tour the most representative areas of this conflict, the buildings, informative panels and tiles that bear the dates of the bombings in tribute and remembrance of the victims.

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