San Isidro, Memory and Development

San Isidro, VC, Spain
Est. 2.7km / 54 mins / Map

San Isidro, Memory and Development - Cya On The Road

Welcome. The town of San Isidro is a environment composed by salt lands, palm trees and granados. Thanks to the impetus and love of its people create a magical atmosphere every day. You can enjoy this visit through its streets, squares and parks; and get to know the cultural heritage that integrates it. San Isidro is one of the youngest towns in the province of Alicante. It was founded in the mid-twentieth century by The National Institute of Colonization which wanted to promote the irrigation of the salt lands of Albatera. In 1993, became as an independent municipality.The town of San Isidro was composed by 109 group of families in 1956 but, nowadays it has a population of 1.933 inhabitants. José Luis Fernández del Amo was the architect to plan and implement the new town project.Despite some structural changes that the time and human intervention have brought with them, houses and social buildings conserve the original architecture although the white color has been lost on its fronts. The first artworks are still present which we can add other recent elements such as the replica of the front of the old railway station "Albatera-Catral", the monolith of the Path of the Poet in honor of Miguel Hernández and the monument in memory of the victims of the Concentration Camp. All of them will serve us to know along this route the history, folklore and culture of this small and charming town which its inhabitants affirm that "Ha sido cosa de todos (It has been everyone's business)".Go to the first point to start the visit. Enjoy it!

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