Barcelona. Hello, Montjuic! (II)

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 5.4km / 3 hrs / Map

Barcelona. Hello, Montjuic! (II) - Cya On The Road

We offer you a guide for a walking tour of the famous Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. This is the second part of the tour, which nevertheless can be an independent walk. We will see the famous sights of this area: Montjuic Fortress, Joan Brossa Gardens, Mirador de Alcalde, Mossen Sinto Gardens and others. We will visit the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Museum. We will get acquainted with the Miro Foundation and the German Pavilion. We'll consider the numerous monuments, visit the observation deck, admire the gorgeous views of the city and get acquainted with the city legend. In order to start the excursion, we will have the opportunity to choose: on foot or using the cable car.

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