Our Most Memorable Women Audio guide

Monóvar, VC, Spain
Est. 1.8km / 52 mins / Map

Our Most Memorable Women Audio guide - Cya On The Road

This audio guide tells the stories of brave, important and influential women in their time, who despite the gender role adversities given to them, they managed to leave their mark on the pages of the history of this small town in which we find ourselves.Throughout this tour we invite you to discover the exciting biographies of these eleven female figures, linked to Monóvar (Angelita Ortigosa Amorós, Remedios Picó Maestre, Magdalena Mallebrera Esteve, Cecilia Hijón López, Amparo Martínez Ruíz, Carmen Payá Mira, Pura Verdú Tormo, Ana Mari Saz Petite, Carmen Pérez Muñoz, Asunción Alacil Luz y Dolores Cortés Antón)A quiet walk, without haste, in which the objective is not just to learn, but to walk and enjoy. We invite you to contemplate all those details that catch your attention and discover, with our help, a new Monóvar that until now had remained hidden.  

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