Rural la Garriga route:Dry land landscapes

La Garriga, CT, Spain; Cànoves i Samalús, CT, Spain
Est. 5.7km / 1 hr 54 mins / Map

Rural la Garriga route:Dry land landscapes - Cya On The Road

La Garriga is a town that has lived from and for agriculture for many centuries. The needs and rhythms of life and work in agriculture have shaped, over hundreds of years, the territory, urban planning, landscapes and the population of La Garriga.But in La Garriga, agriculture, as well as the reflections of that centuries-old rural society, have disappeared or have been made almost completely invisible.Through three itineraries -irrigated, rainfed and through the urban core- we propose you to discover paths, corners, heritage and secret stories, to bring that rural Garriga back to life.

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