Visit El Pont de Suert

El Pont de Suert, CT, Spain
Est. 770m / 15 mins / Map

Visit El Pont de Suert - Cya On The Road

Welcome to El Pont de Suert.El Pont de Suert is the administrative, commercial and service capital of the Alta Ribagorça region.It has approximately 2,500 inhabitants, it is located at 848 meters high and it is the capital of the smallest region in Catalonia after Sort. The river it runs through is the Noguera Ribagorçana. It is located in a valley between the axial Pyrenees and the interior mountains. It stands out for its cultural, ethnological and natural heritage. El Pont de Suert means "The Bridge of the Bridge" and that is what we find within the municipality, a series of bridges that will make you enjoy different walking itineraries along the Noguera Ribagoçana river.The municipality is made up of 25 aggregated nuclei. Abella de Adons, Erillcastell, Malpàs, Adons, Erta, Peranera, La Beguda d' Adons, Esperan, Perves, Les Bordes, Gotarta, Pinyana, Casòs, Igüerri, Sarroqueta, Castellars, Iran, Ventolà, Castilló de Tor, Irgo, Viu de Llevata, Corroncui, Llesp, and Viuet.Within the Pyrenees, it is located in a strategic enclave that facilitates the approach to points of the Catalan, Aragonese and French geography: the Boí Valley, the Barrabés Valley, the Llevata Valley, the Fosca Valley, the Arán Valley, the Benasque Valley and the Isábena Valley.In the socioeconomic sphere, El Pont de Suert is a mountain municipality where agricultural and livestock activity has traditionally lasted. Since the middle of the 20th century, the hydroelectric industry has been the factor of economic development  and the power plants that have contributed to the increase in population in this mountain area.The walk through the historic district describes the trace of the passage of time and then we will show it to you with the visit.Mountain sports, areas of natural interest, the Fauna Center, the Montiberri fauna route, viewpoints and the Romanesque of the  XI-XIII century  make the Pont de Suert a good place to visit.

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