Carcaboso, EX, Spain
Est. 1.6km / 1 hr 32 mins / Map

ASOMATE - Cya On The Road

Asómate is an urban, public, and free exhibition that is projected on the walls of Carcaboso, a small town in the province of Cáceres (Spain).The exhibition consists of a selection of silhouettes of black and white film frames which the colorful flag of San Jovita, the patron of Carcaboso, incorporated, in order to promote the culture of cinema and the traditions of the town.The project arises from the need to seek financing to clean the river bank that a few years ago was a wasteland out of control.At that moment arises El Colectivo Limpia tu Río, a group of people who began to organize cleaning days and who, little by little, were recovering the riverbank.The organization of the exhibition has required many hours of work for the assembly of the frames, requesting the permission of the neighbors and the placement of the frames.The project has partially covered the expenses of the exhibition with the help of the City Council and different companies, but not all of it, so we would appreciate your collaboration with the purchase of one of our souvenirs (pin, handkerchief or Photo-Comic) that you will find at the collaborating points.Thanks for your interest and enjoy the movie ride.This project has been developed by José Antonio Garrido and Marcos Moreno.

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