Discover Santa Margalida: Santa Margalida's old quarter

Santa Margalida, IB, Spain
Est. 900m / 18 mins / Map

Discover Santa Margalida: Santa Margalida's old quarter - Cya On The Road

This route, which covers a distance of just over a kilometre, passes some of the most important items of heritage in the old quarter (13th-15th century) of the town Santa Margalida. The town is named after a church dedicated to Saint Margaret (Santa Margalida) once built on an Arab farmstead known as Hiachat or Yachat. Nonetheless, it is more commonly known by its inhabitants and those of neighbouring towns and villages as La Vila.The route begins on the esplanade in front of Santa Margalida Parish Church. This is one of the loveliest spots in the town, with views of the plain that surrounds it, covered in fields of crops. It passes some of the town's foremost mansions, like Casa den Verga Jove or the rectory, and ends in the main square.

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