Discover Santa Margalida 4: Can Picafort - Santa Margalida

Santa Margalida, IB, Spain
Est. 10.2km / 1 hr 42 mins / Map

Discover Santa Margalida 4: Can Picafort - Santa Margalida - Cya On The Road

This route begins at Son Bauló dolmen and it links the tourist resort of Can Picafort to the town of Santa Margalida. One of the main features of this route are the "carrerasses" (dry-stone walls found throughout the municipality) which flank the irrigation ditch known as Sèquia Reial and lead to Pou d'Hero, a well that forms part of an Islamic water supply network.The "carrerasses" were built when large pieces of land were divided into smaller plots in the 19th and 20th centuries. These dry-stone walls flank both sides of the road, demarcating the edges of properties and fields of crops. This makes them one of the most prominent aspects of the rural landscape. Other noteworthy features are the almond trees and traditional herds of sheep that can be seen grazing in most of the fields. The route ends in Plaza de la Villa square.

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