Discover Santa Margalida 5: Sa marina de Son Real

Santa Margalida, IB, Spain
Est. 5.2km / 1 hr 45 mins / Map

Discover Santa Margalida 5: Sa marina de Son Real - Cya On The Road

This route, which covers a distance of over 6 kilometres, is steeped history and natural beauty, Such is the importance of this coastal track that it has been declared a Blue Path. It runs through part of the municipality of Santa Margalida along a stretch of coast of singular archaeological and scenic value, conspicuous for unique features like navigational beacon towers and mandatory stop-off points such as Son Real necropolis, all set in beautifully conserved natural surroundings, Keen photographers will enjoy recording images of the unspoilt beaches, archaeological sites, vegetation and military heritage built as war defences.The spectacular necropolis of Son Real lends this route a special historical significance. Centuries ago, the islanders honoured their dead by burying them on little islands, in tombs and in caves, inspired by who knows what beliefs, perhaps mesmerized by the endless sea that stretches out into infinity.This route, in the very centre of the Bay of Alcudia, is bound to enchant all visitors, arousing their curiosity, fascinating them with its views and introducing them to its unique characteristics.

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