Discover Santa Margalida 7: The Alcudia - Artà road

Santa Margalida, IB, Spain
Est. 9.6km / 1 hr 36 mins / Map

Discover Santa Margalida 7: The Alcudia - Artà road - Cya On The Road

The Alcudia - Artà road is one of the most popular routes in the north of the island for visiting cyclists. This is the main way of travelling around the Bay of Alcudia's coastline and it has two bike lanes that link Can Picafort to Son Real Public Estate. Along the route, you can stop off to visit various different items of cultural, natural and historical interest.The main attraction along the way is Son Real Public Estate, a place of immense natural and historical interest. The estate, which covers an area of 395 hectares, features an old estate house, an information office, an interpretation centre, an archaeological museum, archaeological sites, a set of natural ecosystems and many more things. S'Albufera Nature Reserve is another key attraction along the route. You can also see several large murals (Saladina Art Fest) and visit a talayot or Son Serra de Marina estate buildings.

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