Iberdrola tower

Bilbao, PV, Spain
Est. 3.2km / 1 hr 5 mins / Map

Iberdrola tower - Cya On The Road

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Bilbao Iberdola-San Antón tour.As we have said, our starting point is going to be the Iberdrola tower.This tower, which was built as Iberdrola's headquarters, is the tallest building in the Basque Country and the city of Bilbao, and the eighth tallest building in Spain.The Iberdrola Tower is an office skyscraper in Bilbao.The tower has a height of 165 metres (541 feet) tall and has 40 floors.The goal was to regenerate areas affected by the industrial crisis of the 1970s. The tower was built in Abandoibarra, a former industrial area located next to the Nervión river that began to be renewed in the early 1990s and where other emblematic projects such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Euskalduna Conference Centre have been built.In the early 1990s the regional authority of the province of Biscay chose César Pelli and HIS team to design a masterplan for the future development of the 348,5000 square metre area. One of the first proposals included two towers of 200 metres, but the final project that included the participation of the architect team Aguinaga y Asociados Arquitectos presented its final proposal with a single 150 metre office tower and several residential blocks of 10 floors.  

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