Tornavacas Route

Tornavacas, EX, Spain
Est. 6.4km / 2 hrs 22 mins / Map

Tornavacas Route - Cya On The Road

With this route we propose a tour of its winding streets of houses linked together, with balconies adorned with flowers or with arcaded galleries that serve as a refuge and meeting place, which will make you discover some of the most beautiful corners of the Villa, following the milestones marked by the quiet presence of these heritage elements that in such a rhetorical way tell us about the history and intrahistory of Tornavacas.Along the walk you will find a great variety of patrimonial and natural elements, such as: images of popular devotion with great tradition, such as the Christ of Forgiveness or Our Lady of the Assumption; fountains, monuments, viewpoints and commemorative plaques that pay tribute to prominent figures and events in local history, as an integral part of the collective memory of Tornavacas.

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