Algueña Tour

Algueña, VC, Spain
Est. 2.7km / 1 hr 10 mins

Algueña Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Algueña.Algueña Audioguide Tour.This Tour is a comfortable urban sightseeing tour through this town (2,7Km /1h10min), self-guided and with audioguide on your own mobile phone and thanks to the technology of IZI.TRAVEL.With this Algueña Tour, you will be able to discover the best landmarks of this town. To follow it you just have to follow the indications on the map and listen to the audio guide at each stop, which will be activated automatically when you arrive. Turn the volume on your phone up or use headphones to hear the audio guide properly (we recommend downloading the free app to get the most out of the Tour). Be very careful with the traffic at the crossroads.Algueña Town Council also offers you 2 other special routes to get to know our town. All of them start in the Plaza de Juan Carlos I and you only need to scan the QR code to do them.1. The strange case of the fondillón of Algueña.Tourist gamification route. Attracted tourists become players who play an exciting game while interacting with the landmarks of Algueña. They have to overcome tests, enigmas, questions, games and pastimes while learning about the town's resources in a way they will never forget. With The strange case of the fondillón of Algueña, tourists will have to solve the enigma of the last great bottle of fondillón hidden in Algueña and that King Louis XIV of France wants at all costs.This innovative and fun way of getting to know Algueña in a self-guided way can be done 365/24 as all you need to play is a mobile phone and scan the QR code. You don't even need to download an App.2. Route PRCV 339 El Algayat.Hiking with google maps. This hiking route of Algueña can now be enjoyed with Google maps where hikers can not only be guided comfortably with the mobile map but also obtain information about the different milestones of the route (local history, fauna, flora, landscapes, etc).We recommend that at the end of the walk you stay to enjoy the local gastronomy in the restaurants and bars of the town.Thank you for coming to Algueña, see you soon!

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