Plaza de las Monjas

Huelva, AN, Spain
Est. 330m / 7 mins / Map
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Plaza de las Monjas - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Plaza de las Monjas, the main square in the city of Huelva, from which the main streets of the historic centre start. For many years it has been the meeting point for local residents, that is why it was given special importance in the urban reform plans of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In it we can enjoy a huge space where numerous activities and events take place in addition to various establishments destined to the delight of our leisure time. In this place we find some elements that became common and so familiar that the square cannot be imagined without them, for example the bandstand for the music, the four kiosks that are in the corners and the fountain among others. However, these are not the ones that the square originally had since in 1967 the architect Alejandro Herrero eliminated them with his reform. As you can see, they are still here today and that is thanks to another later reform in which they were included. If you want to know a little more about this crowded square, continue listening to this guide and move around it to learn about its history and to observe everything it has to offer. When you are ready, press 1 to begin.

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