Lemon Path

San Miguel de Salinas, VC, Spain
Est. 4.4km / 1 hr 28 mins / Map

Lemon Path - Cya On The Road

Welcome.We are at the beginning of the Lemon Path route. A walk through which the visitor cancomprehend the salt flats' landscape, entering a space overwhelmed by the cultivation of thisfruit. During its flowering, lemons fill this place with a fragrance, making this a delightfultour for sightseers' senses.It takes place in a landscape currently dominated by citrus cultivation, which has been theprimary source of life for the inhabitants of this territory over the centuries. During the tour,we will comprehend the adaptation of this place in recent decades and the architectureinherited from the classic irrigation system that led to the development of the area'spopulation.This audio guide is the result of the initiative and sponsorship of the Department of Tourismof the San Miguel de Salinas City Council, so neighbours and visitors learn about the richhistorical legacy of its agricultural heritage and its transformation over the years.Click on the first waypoint to start the guidance.Enjoy the visit!

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