Barcelona Streets of Diversity

Barcelona, CT, Spain
Est. 5.0km / 3 hrs

Barcelona Streets of Diversity - Cya On The Road

A TOUR WITH A CONSCIOUSNESS.This tour is about celebrating diversity. It is about understanding that the world we live in, and Barcelona specifically, would not be possible without the cooperation between people with very different cultural backgrounds.Chronologically, we visit places in the city shaped by Roman writing, Jewish communities, Arab kingdoms, Catholic priests, the colonial period, the Spanish Civil War, Human Rights, the LGTBI community, refugees, athletes and others. It was this mix that created a unique place. This tour provides a space to think of how diversity led to the development of the vibrant, exciting Barcelona that we know today.But ever since the city was first settled 11,000 years ago by Neolithic people, Barcelona has missed from this mixture one group of people.Who might they be?This question will take us our last stop at La Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece designed by Modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. We will reflect on why Gaudí stepped outside the traditional laws of architecture to embrace the light inside the building and honour the beauty of the natural world and how his interest is relevant to the protection of nature.Our final stop will give us the clues to understand who the last group of people in our puzzle of historical cultures are, and by doing that, I hope that you will look at the world around with slightly different eyes.

by The Surefoot Effect
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