Welcome to Zaragoza

Zaragoza, AR, Spain
Est. 7.7km / 2 hrs 34 mins

Welcome to Zaragoza - Cya On The Road

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Zaragoza! We are Rocío and María and today we are going to guide you through this journey. If you have any questions feel free to ask!As you already know, Zaragoza is the capital of Aragon, and it is the fifth most populous city in all of Spain. The city of Zaragoza has more than two thousand years of history. And there have been a lot of cultures like Christian, Jewish and Muslim, in fact here we celebrate a party about this, we call it "The medieval market of the 3 cultures"Zaragoza has two marvelous cathedrals, a fortified Islamic palace in the center of the city, monumental vestiges of Roman Cesaraugusta, great and unique works by Francisco de Goya, emblems of modern architecture and one of the most diverse gastronomic panoramas in Spain.

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