The night-watchman's route

Granollers, CT, Spain
Est. 516m / 27 mins

The night-watchman's route - Cya On The Road

The tour is a brief history of the Roca Umbert factory and its workers. Sereno, who has worked at the factory for many years, shows us the facilities and tells us its history.He talks about how the Thermal, located inside Roca Umbert, was built during the 1950s and how it was a great help to the factory during the post-war period, since without electricity it was impossible to work. He also teaches nursing, which was created by the company to take care of the workers' health, since there was no universal public health system at the time.In addition, it highlights the importance of the different trades that existed in the factory and how the apprentices were treated. The history of the Roca Umbert factory is a small monument to the trades of a lifetime and to the workers who made its existence possible. 

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