Can Picafort, surrounded by nature 1: “Finca Pública de Son Real”

Santa Margalida, IB, Spain
Est. 34.3km / 1 hr 41 mins / Map

Can Picafort, surrounded by nature 1: “Finca Pública de Son Real” - Cya On The Road

Our municipality is located between several important natural parks: the “Parque Natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca”  and the “Parque Natural de la Península de Llevant”, which includes the “Finca Pública de Son Real”.During the more than 6 kilometres that make up this itinerary, history and nature will be the protagonist of the route. Such is the importance of the “Finca Pública de Son Real” that the path that runs along the coast has been declared a "Sendero Azul". The itinerary runs entirely through the municipality of Santa Margalida, along a coastal area of great archaeological and scenic value, with the unique towers and the necropolis of Son Real as an obligatory stop, all in a very well-preserved natural environment. Thus, the different virgin beaches, archaeological sites, vegetation, fauna and military elements designed for the war that are now the object of photography will be the points that can be visited.Among the species of flora to be found on this itinerary will be the bush, wild olive trees, cypresses, Aleppo pines, the "zamarilla", rosemary, sea holly and the "càrritx", among others. On the other hand, the most characteristic birds that can be seen are the gulls, the cormorant, the black plover, the shrike and the stonechat, among others.Located in the middle of the Bay of Alcudia, this itinerary will not leave us indifferent, it will arouse our curiosity, attract us by its appearance and, with a bit of luck, will offer some people an explanation of the reason for this place.

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