Urban Geology itinerary through the center of Reus

Reus, CT, Spain
Est. 608m / 12 mins / Map

This guide is a complement to the visit to the Minerals and Rocks Room of the Salvador Vilaseca Museum in city of Reus.

Urban Geology itinerary through the center of Reus - Cya On The Road

Once you have visited the Geology room of the Museum, a very good didactic supplement to better understand the diversity and characteristics of rocks, will be the following of this small itinerary around the Museum

We will start the itinerary at the beginning of Raval de Santa Anna in front of the Salvador Vilaseca Museum, we will continue through Raval de Santa Anna, Prim Street, Raval de Jesús, La Perla street, Galió street, La Galera street, through end at Mercadal.Square

On this route, a wide variety of natural rocks can be seen on the facades of the buildings, which will help us to better identify the samples observed in the Museum's showcases.

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